Troldmand – 21.10.11 (2012)

“Picking up where 1970s psychedelic warlords Hawkwind left off and taking their cues from both the speed gurus of the noisy Tokyo underground and the endless groovy jams of the German krautrock scene, Troldmand navigate the field of doomy riffs, frantic guitar solos and psychedelic sounds. This five-piece orchestra is on a never-ending journey to challenge your perception of the cosmic infinite… Recorded live at Loppen, Christiania in Copenhagen, Denmark on 21 October 2011.”


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  1. Spot on for 'trippy jammy-ness'. Best sound I've heard since Sula maybe, ET; certainly hear distant space groove of Hawkwind way back when. Funny thing is I was listening to the Hawks – Parallel Universe and thought I'd check in to your site and see if there were any new uploads. Found Troldmand! Thanks for introducing me to another great band Earthless!
    Uncleharry's continuing freakout…

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