2 Replies to “Stepping Out – Another Concert Somewhere (2007)”

  1. Awesome long extended blues jams with a decent psychedelic tinge. audio was surprising good for a live recording, vocals not so much but I think it gives it a nice wasted feel. you could say the guitar is vary reminiscent of page or beck but its albums like these that show you they were all playin like that, it really shows the times. just wish I was around to see all great bands that never made it to vinyl. keep it up with the vintage rarities dude! much appreciated!

  2. Ditto to that avastbaco. And a big thanks to earthless for digging out this obscurity (I should say so – I have never heard of them). And the recording quality is not bad for a 1999 live album. 19 minute tracks…. Yowza!!!

    And as far as the vocals – I've removed them.

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