The Spacious Mind – The Mind Of A Brother (1999)

“Formed in 1991, The SPACIOUS MIND have since become known as one of the world’s leading psychedelic bands. Their music owes as much to the acid haze of the San Francisco ballrooms in the late 60’s, as it does to the unknown areas of space, heart and time. The twin guitars are battling over a steady drums/bass background, while the atmospheric keyboards are swirling in and out of your mind, and together they create a melancholic tapestry of sounds that should please anyone into consciousness raising or simply the message of LOVE.”

8 Replies to “The Spacious Mind – The Mind Of A Brother (1999)”

  1. One can find amazing music here.
    Such a nice choice of music.
    This is most acidic place on the web.
    Thank You for sharing it with us.
    So far the best music blog I have found.

    Sask. Canada

  2. Spacious Mind are the real deal and many thanks for putting up some hard to find stuff. Could I also point people towards their offshoot, Holy River Family Band…

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