Kanaan – Downpour (2023)

“Kanaan produce so much music that the fuzz pedals hardly need to be turned off between each session. Once again, they step out of the rehearsal room, and with them they’ve got the brand new album Downpour. It’s not difficult to hear that this is a continuation of their last album, Earthbound, and many of the ideas on Downpour came about when they recorded the previous record in Athletic Sound in Halden, where this one was recorded too. The heaviest songs on the album are a continuation of the idea of “The Great riff” and the feeling of overwhelm and ecstasy when one good riff is replaced by another. When it comes to those parts, bands like Kyuss, MC5, Sleep and Hawkwind are still great sources of inspiration – while Needlepoint and Dungen have been important for the more melodic material on the album.”


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  1. somehow last two albums, including this one, do not speak to me like previous ones. But “me” can be an issue here 🙂

  2. Honestly @zapposzczak it all depends on your personal taste.

    For me, Downpour is a nice supplement to the direction Kanaan headed on Earthbound. All fuzzy and heavy with a whiff of stoner in the air but never abandoning what makes them unique, ‘studio skill, instrumental prowess and the ability to blend a plethora of sounds into an abstract swirl of [melody]’ (to quote my review of Diversions Vol. 1: Softly Through Sunshine)

    Standout (for me): Orbit

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