Zong – Zong (2017)

“ZONG bring you their explosive debut Self-Titled LP complete with the mind-bending artwork by their very own drummer, Henry Bennett. “Zong” by Zong is a monstrous swirling tidal wave of heavy riffs, pounding drums, weaving bass and guitar duels, intricate inter-dimensional psychedelia and dark mysticism which propels the listener deep into the chasms of their own imagination while also satisfying the cravings of Black Sabbath and Jimi Hendrix fans.”


One Reply to “Zong – Zong (2017)”

  1. Deep psych with the sticky aroma of stoner rock, and plenty of pedal effects to go around. Fuzzy, heady goodness you can just feel in song titles like Cosmic Embryo, Giant Floating Head and Return of the Alien King. There’s a spaciousness in the musical soundscapes these Aussie’s create. It’s worth the acid-tinged cosmic trip, for sure.
    Standout track: Return of the Alien King

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