Ryte – Ryte (2020)

“Since day one, the band’s goal was to play sophisticated, mostly instrumental Heavy Psych with little hints of classic Prog, Space Rock, Doom and plenty of other stuff. Speaking of influences, the band is not limited by any means as long as it sounds fresh and interesting and does the band’s initial idea of adventurous heaviness justice.”


4 Replies to “Ryte – Ryte (2020)”

  1. This is some muscular stuff!
    There’s always a little skepticism when a band is designated ‘Heavy Psych’, and although the Psych aspect may be slightly off-target here, the ‘adventurous heaviness’ description is a bullseye! Thumbs up!

  2. Unlike @shawnzee, when I see “Heavy Psych Sounds” my ears perk up. Nice assemblage of stoner riffs!

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