2,866 Replies to “Black Moon Circle”

  1. Incredible synchronicity!. I'd never heard of these guys, but had just read a mini-review of Flowing Into the 3rd Dimension, thought it sounded intriguing and had found a site where I could download it. While I'm waiting for the transfer to complete I head on over to Trippy Jam to see what's new. It opens to display the exact same band I'm downloading. I had to retrace my internet steps to see what I'd done to make this happen. I had done nothing of course – just sheer coincidence…

    So thanks for the psychic shock, and thanks for the 2 studio jams which are both currently downloading from here. The music is great – not a saxophone to be herd…

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  3. We need to treat social networks as we do newspapers, with the same liability.
    Freedom of speech should extend to social networks.. once policing occurrs, what’s right and wrong becomes very subjective and is often biased.
    Biased decisions should face consequences.